Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What’s not to like about pancakes?

The vegetable pancake is a thing of beauty. With all the doughy-ness of it’s cousin the flapjack, plus a few a few vitamins and minerals hidden inside, what could be finer?

I am a fan of the potato pancake, but have never made one myself. For some reason, the thought of grating all those potatoes before I have had any fortification makes me turn to buttermilk every time.

The same thing nearly happened over the weekend, when I decided to make zucchini pancakes. I had a moment of excitement before apathy kicked in. Maybe I’ll just make regular pancakes, I thought. Or maybe I’ll just have some cereal.

But I had made zucchini pancakes before and the memory of how good they tasted spurred me on. I am writing this post to remember forever that they are worth the minimal effort they are to make. Compared to regular pancakes, there is only one additional step. Of course, this was the most grueling in my mind, the one where I shredded the zucchini.

But then I remembered I live in modern times. And thanks to modern conveniences shredding vegetables doesn’t have to be done by hand. My mini food processor, which I found at Goodwill probably 10 years ago, has been as helpful as my mandolin slicer this summer. In as long as it took to take it down from the shelf, I had shredded zucchini.

From there, it was pretty much the same process as pancakes. I even cheated and used the Fiber One pancake mix I had in the cupboard. In addition to a couple tablespoons of that, I added one egg, and an eighth of a cup of Parmesan cheese. In a few minutes I had wonderful golden brown, and green, pancakes.

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